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Prescott High School 100,000 Mile Challenge

“It would be great if we could obtain donations to assist with the cost of the new athletic facilities.” 

       —— Members of the Prescott Unified School District’s Governing Board, Nov. 6, 2018

Volunteers have accepted the challenge to raise money and are running, walking or pursuing their passion one mile at a time.  Please support your volunteer by donating today. 

  • Volunteers set a goal for how many miles they'll accumulate through May 2020.

  • Each is sending emails to potential supporters asking for a donation.

  • Others are posting the Challenge link on their social media outlets.

  • Donors are asked to note the Volunteer they are supporting on their donation form.

  • Sponsors are donating prizes to be awarded to various Volunteers - please support them.

  • Sponsors are also offering discounts to Donors and Volunteers - your donation receipt qualifies you!

  • Your tax-deductible donation will help generations of area students benefit from upgraded athletic facilities and equipment.

  • Improved facilities will allow PHS to host area, regional and state events that will bring more revenue into the Prescott economy.


PHS 100,000 Mile Challenge Fundraiser Wish List

Help Us Create a State-of-the-Art Sports Facility

That Will Benefit Athletes Throughout All of Arizona


Your donation will make our “wish list” come true:

💡  Stadium lights for the

PHS practice field 

👨‍🍳 Professional-caliber concessions equipment to provide fun foods and increase fundraising opportunities at PHS events - items like: 

🍕 Pizza ovens/warmers 

🌭 Hot Dog rotisserie 

🍔 BBQ grills 

🍿 Theatre-style Popcorn Maker 

🍧 Shave Ice Machines
🤑 Portability options for the concession equipment so gear can be used in the gym and at other fields and venues to maximize fundraising for all sports, clubs and community events.

🏈 State-of-the-art football helmets to help prevent head injuries 

🏐 Volleyball nets 

🤼‍♀️ Wrestling mats 

😎😅 Stadium-caliber Cooling Fans to keep athletes cool and safe from heatstroke. 

How The Challenge Started


Students Can Make A Difference

Meet Erin Kennedy

Prescott is a very fortunate community. Voters have supported school bond initiatives resulting in a vibrant, thriving educational system.

Recently, PUSD has authorized spending $2,000,000 on revamping the aging sports facility at Prescott High School. However, some costs might not be covered and the athletic department has other needs.

So, PHS junior Erin Kennedy decided to take the Board up on their challenge to raise money. Erin is running 1,000 miles herself and started the “PHS 100,000 Mile Challenge” to encourage the community to join her in supporting PHS Athletics.

You don’t have to be a runner to be involved. Your support can come in many ways – join us!

You can click here to listen to Erin talk a little bit about her inspiration for founding The Challenge. 

How The Challenge Started


To volunteer for the PHS 100,000 Mile Challenge, please send us this form.


Let us know how you'll "do your miles" - running, walking, reading, playing an instrument, building a robot - whatever passion you'd like to commit to that helps us add to our mileage goal.

When establishing your mileage goal,

count 5 miles for each hour of your task

if it's not running or walking .

TV/movies/video games don't count!

Then hit the "Send" button. 

We will contact you about the best way

to spread the word about your commitment 

and ask donors to support your efforts.


It's very easy!

You'll just be sending an email or text to people who might support your efforts,

people like relatives, friends and neighbors.